These fingerprint cut-outs were a part of my Christmas gift to Bill this year. I was inspired by Arielle’s beautiful fingerprint text art, but decided to put a different spin on it.

I took stamps of both mine and Bill’s thumbs, assuring him I wasn’t stealing his identity and telling him nothing more. I then took the prints to Staples and had their in-house print team enlarge them to about 12 inches in height. If you have access to a quality scanner/printer you can do this on your own, unfortunately, I no longer do. After scanning and enlarging, the fingerprints were printed on 11x17 card stock. Using an X-Acto blade, I cut out each of the print lines, essentially creating a fingerprint stencil. This was clearly the most difficult task and must be done slowly to prevent making cuts too close to one another. After the cut-outs were complete, I turned to Flickr to find backgrounds for both our prints (his, mine). I found matching 11x14 frames at the local Salvation Army and painted them a matte slate gray. My last step was to crop everything down to 11x14 and frame it out!

I have to say, this is my favorite thing I’ve made in a long, long time and I can’t wait to get them on the walls.